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How to Reduce Aircraft Damage From Gravel Airstrips

In EK35®, Gravel Runway by Bob Vitale

The unexpected cost of operating aircraft on gravel airstrips Remote unpaved runways and their operators face a multitude of unique issues due to the characteristics of the gravel material used, climate and seasonal impacts, geographic location, available resources and equipment and performance requirements. One of the particularly challenging issues is the risk of damage to an aircraft resulting from Foreign Object …

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How to Ground Your Gravel Runway Maintenance Costs (Affordably)

In Gravel Runway by Bob Vitale

You know that your gravel runway maintenance costs are getting away from you. Every time a plane takes off or lands, you literally watch a small part of the surface fly away. You’re out there grading it weekly, trying to minimize the impact. And you know that eventually you’ll have to replace it.  But do you know what your gravel …

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Understanding Fugitive Dust Pollution – And Why Controlling It Is a Good Investment

In Construction, Dust Control, Environment, Gravel Roads, Gravel Runway, Industrial Facilities, Mine & Quarry, Parks & Recreation, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Safety, Soil Stabilization, Surface Management, Transportation, Unpaved Roads by Bob Vitale

Both PM10 and PM2.5 fugitive dust pollution create or aggravate serious health conditions, especially in vulnerable populations like kids and the elderly.