Top 7 Energy Blogs to Read Daily

Top 7 Energy Blogs to Read Daily

In Energy by Steve Vitale

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. believes that the best decisions are informed decisions. And on the internet, there’s a wealth of information available to make those choices — blogs, in particular, are regularly updated with a wide selection of information.

Here is a list of the 7 best energy blogs. Midwest chose them based on the frequency of their updates, the depth and scope of the content, and quality of writing. They also took a site’s ranking on Alexa into consideration, which provides an insight into a site’s overall traffic. After examining hundreds of websites and alternative energy news sources, they came up with the list below. In no particular order:

1. BP Magazine

What makes BP Magazine particularly impressive is the wide variety of topics it covers. From cooking in Alaska to art and internships, BP Magazine examines the many facets of the energy world and the people and communities it affects. With total assets worth $284.3 billion, it’s not surprising that BP has a strong online presence and an active readership.

2. The Energy Collective

The Energy Collective offers an extensive and diverse selection of posts on all things energy, including technology, politics, and business. Any blog writer can submit to the Collective after going through a screening process, giving readers a diverse perspective on a range of hot-button issues.

3. Suncor

Suncor Energy is a Canadian-based company that features two active blogs: Oil Sands Question and Response (OSQAR) and Pumptalk. OSQAR was created by Suncor to promote constructive and informative dialogue surrounding oil sands excavation, while Pumptalk aims to, “demystify the fluctuating price of gas.” Both encourage active participation from its readers and enjoy a wide audience.

4. Extract

The official blog of the World Coal Association, Extract provides a leading voice on the position of coal in our society and in larger energy debates. Through interviews and articles from major players in the energy sector, this blog supplies an inside look into the world of coal and its role in coming decades.

5. ExxonMobil

The oil and gas giant takes a fresh look at the energy debate with its ExxonMobil Perspectives, an, “energy issues and policy blog.” Its goal is to open pathways for productive conversation and examine Exxon’s place in the world of energy.

6. Platts

This energy and metals information company has a proprietary blog, The Barrel, which features commentary and analysis on global energy issues. Ultimately, the blog hopes to broaden readers’ perspectives on how we power the world. From the Panama Canal to Russian oil futures to the Chinese economy, The Barrel has it all covered.

7. ProCon

In their own words, is a, “nonpartisan and nonprofit website that presents research, studies, and pro and con statements on questions related to alternative energy and fossil fuels.” Most news sources today are regrettably partisan, but this blog provides fresh and salient insight into important topics that will come to shape the coming decades.


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