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A Fugitive Dust Control Plan Case Study

In Dust Control, Guided Self Apply Dust Control, Industrial Facilities by Bob Vitale

This custom fugitive dust control plan offered 26% year-over-year savings There is a much more scientific way of approaching the challenge of designing an effective fugitive dust control plan than most companies in the dust control industry give credit for.  Midwest has been creating custom, comprehensive dust control plans for decades, for clients in a range of industries. This experience …

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How to Measure the Results of a Gravel Road Dust Control Program

In Dust Control, Fines Preservation®, Fines Preservation® Program, Haul Road Dust Control® by Bob Vitale

Did you know there is a scientific process used to develop and apply a successful dust control program? Though we specifically explain how to measure gravel road dust in this article, this information is also directly applicable to industrial and steel facilities, mine haul and access roads, laydown yards, unpaved township roads and any other gravel surface that sees regular …

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A Dust Control Program Driven By Science

In Dust Control, Fines Preservation® Program by Bob Vitale

Dodge these common myths that may be costing you up to 60% of the results you could be achieving with a proper dust control program.  Over the past 40 years, since the birth of the dust control industry, people have been looking for an effective dust control program. Government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of …

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The Key to Successfully Converting Paved to Unpaved Roads – Part 2

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Unpaved Roads by Bob Vitale

In a previous article, we looked at the growing trend of converting paved to unpaved roads. Unpaving rural, low-volume asphalt roads has financial and other benefits that are driving local road agencies to take this seemingly odd – yet innovative – step.  What are the challenges to converting paved to unpaved roads? How does Midwest’s solution address all of these …

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The Safest Way to Road Dust Control

In Dust Control, Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Uncategorized, Unpaved Roads by Bob Vitale

For community residents that live near unpaved roads, there’s an obvious, and understandable, concern about the health, safety and environmental impact of road dust control measures used on their roads.  There are a number of ways that chemical dust control products can move from the intended location: Over-spraying the sides of the road during application can leak the product into …