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Mining Safety at an All-Time High

By Marc Poirier | 06/21/2017

2016 saw an all-time low in mining incidents, thanks in large part to technology that eliminates respirable dust.


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How to Maintain Gravel Roads

By Frank Elswick | 06/09/2017

Regularly maintaining gravel roads reduces overall costs and limits the disruptive effects of fugitive dust.


What Midwest Means When We Say "Application Matters" for Effective Dust Control

By Lynn Edwards | 06/08/2017

Ensuring effective application is just as important as selecting the right dust control product in the first place. Just take the word of one of Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.’s most experienced dust control experts, Lynn Edwards.


5 Questions to Ask Your Dust Control Vendor

By Lynn Cielec | 05/22/2017

Looking for dust control, but don’t know which vendors will give you the best offer? Keep these five questions in mind to identify the company that will best meet your site’s objectives.


What You Need to Know Before Adding Limestone to Your Gravel Road

By Lynn Cielec | 05/03/2017

Including limestone in gravel roads has its benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know before deciding what route will best suit your needs.

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