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Mine Tailings Video

Coal Pile Dust Control Solutions

Agricultural Dust Control Video

Newtrol™ Brochure

EK35® Technical Data Sheet

EnviroKleen® and EK35® Spanish Brochure

Mining Impact

GreenPave: Innovative Green Road Construction

Midwest’s Environmental Stewardship

EnviroKleen® Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Parking Lots (Spanish)

The Benefit of Natural Paving with GreenPave

Midwest: A Strategic Partner to Help You Solve Industrial Challenges

Midwest: Gravel Runway & Surface Management Experts

Dust Control Impact Video

Gravel Runway Impact

Industrial Impact Video

Wolverine E-Sprayer™ System Brochure

Improving Operations

Midwest Meets Rigorous BNSF Coal-Dust Mitigation Standards

Midwest’s EnviroKleen® Receives Certification from Bureau de normalisation du Québec

Canton INC – Full Article – May 2013

Challenges in Dust Control

Gravel Runway Maintenance with EK35®

Alaska DOT Case Study

Improving Engineered Wood Fiber Surfaces for Accessible Playgrounds

Stabilized Engineered Wood Fiber for Accessible Playground Surfaces

Glidex Testimonials

Village Roads in Senegal

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Maria Event Center

Large Producer of Sugar Beets

Harriman State Park Adds ADA Fishing Access Point

Central Federal Lands Highway Division Field Study

USGS Studies EnviroKleen®for Performance and Environmental Safety

E&P Traffic Reconstructed Township Roads #2

E&P Traffic Reconstructed Township Roads #1

MOP Approval Letters in Spanish

US EPA ETV Toxicity & Chemical Analysis

Field Performance Testing of Improved Engineered Wood Fiber Surfaces for Accessible Playground Areas

San Clemente Island ATV Trail System – Installation of Erosion Control Demonstrations

San Diego Field Study of Soil-Sement®

Soil-Sement® Demonstration on Kern County Road Shoulders

US Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Qualified Products List

Long-Term Efficiencies of Dust Suppressants to Reduce PM10 Emissions – Study Published in the Journal of Air and Waste Management Association

Executive Summary – Midwest Research Institute (MRI) Report

Ft. Hood Investigates Beneficial Reuse of Pesticide Contaminated Soil

City of Scottsdale Dust Palliative Study

Combating Fugitive Dust on Wind Farms

RTI Environmental Technology Verification – EK35®

State of Washington Department of Ecology – EnviroKleen®

A View From Alaska

What Chemical Labels Really Mean & What You Need to Know

Build Third-Party Fluid Analysis Into Your Specs

Demand of Manufacturers: Show Me What You’re Made Of

It’s All About the Molecules

Synthetic-Based Fluid Versus Oil Dust Suppressants

Why a Binder?

What is a Synthetic?

French BNQ Certificate of Conformity – EnviroKleen®, Soil-Sement®

BNQ Certificate of Conformity – EnviroKleen®, Soil-Sement®

BNQ Certificate of Conformity – EnviroKleen®

Gravity Plus® SDS

West Virginia DEP Approval Certification

Soil-Sement® MOP Certification

Glidex® MC Application & FAQs

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Glidex® SDS

Glidex® Application & FAQs

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FoamKleen® SDS

EnviroKleen® Environmental Data Certification

ETV Certification 2002 – EK35®

ETV Certification 2005 – EK35®

CARB Report Certification – Soil-Sement®

ETV Canada Certification – Soil-Sement®

California Environmental Technology Certification – Soil-Sement®

Boeing Certification – EnviroKleen®

Boeing Certification – EK35®

Soil-Sement® Meets the High Standards for the Wine Producing Industry

What is Fines Preservation?

Safety, Visibility and Efficiency for Military Operations

Meeting the Dust Control Needs of a Resort Community

Alternative Intermediate Cover Provided at a Residual Waste Landfill

Midwest Rated 10/10 After Reducing Dust Levels by 85% at ECS Refining

From a Combative Troubleshooting Situation to Planned Maintenance

Federal EPA Criteria Met at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport Project

Maintaining Pathways – and Park’s History -While Controlling Erosion

Opencast Coal Road Dries Out too Quickly During Hot, Dry Weather

Road Maintenance Programs Solve Potholing, Rutting and Washboarding

Demonstration of a Polymer Coating on Contaminated Soil Piles

Midwest Boosts Mine Efficiency and Reduces Maintenance Costs

Curbing Fugitive Dust problems at a Canadian Mine Disposal Site

Haul Road Surface Problems Eliminated at a Cement Company

Chronic Dust and Surface Maintenance Problems Solved at an Intermodal Facility

Tower Foundation From Stabilizer Strong Desert Winds

Helping Indonesian Farmers Optimize Harvest Season

Sustaining Road Surfaces Without Causing Environmental Risk

Midwest Helps Company Cut Costs While Catering to the Community

Controlling Erosion on a Well-Used Bike Trail

Dust Suppression for Training Areas at the Arizona Army National Guard – EnviroKleen®

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Winter Storm Support Program

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission

EK35® Helipad Report

Desert Community Construction Site Eliminates Water Erosion Problems

Controlling Dust and Erosion at Boston’s “Big Dig”

Pond Slope Stabilization Problem Resolved at Nuclear Generating Station

Preventing Fugitive Dust Emissions on Coal Storage Piles

Costly Equipment Maintenance Controlled on Steel Mill Haul Roads

Dust Suppression for Training Areas at the Arizona Army National Guard – Soil-Sement®

Fugitive Dust Problems Solved at a Control Utility Ashpond

Eliminating Water and Insulation Problems in Foundation of 10th Century Monastery

Fines Preservation That Ecologically Manages Gravel Runway Dust

Increasing Safety and Visibility at a U.S. Air Force Base

Aggregate Selection Paper

Military Testing Shows EnviroKleen® Greatly Reduces the Generation of Fugitive Dust

Untreated Runway Verses EnviroKleen Treated Runway

The E-Sprayer System – Do-It-Yourself Truck Bed Spray System

Dust-Buster® Benefits

Jackson Celebrates New Accessible Nature Trail

EK35® Application with E-Sprayer in Underground Mine

Soil-Sement® PM10 Dust Control Project for Kern County

Sealing Coal Storage Piles with Soil-Sement – Part 2

Sealing Coal Storage Piles with Soil-Sement – Part 1

Soil-Sement® Controls Wind Erosion in Sand and Desert Locations

Soil Sement Dust and Erosion Control on Stockpiles, Fly Ash and Tailings Ponds

Adema 12 Month Conclusions

Adema 6 Month Conclusions

Community Road Project with EnviroKleen

Soil-Sement® Good Construction Practices

Haul Road Dust Control® Program

Soil-Sement® Horseshoe Lake Road Construction Project

EK35® Desert Landing Pad Comparison

GreenPave® Application in Tarrytown, New York

Soil-Sement® Building a Runway in Australia

EK35 Demonstration on a Helipad in Desert Conditions

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Stabilization of Township Roads for Ingress & Egress for Oil & Gas Drilling Activity

SF2 Advanced Soil Stabilization for Improving County & Township Roads

The Science Behind EnviroKleen® and EK35® Technologies

Midwest SF2 Stabilization and Portland Cement Stabilization

SF2 Stabilization of Compressor Site Pads

Year Round Stabilization

Midwest 40th Anniversary Video

Gravel Runways Fines Preservation

Underground Mine – Dust Control and Road Maintenance

The Value of Midwest Managed Services

Midwest’s Soil Stabilization in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Midwest’s Coal Pile Management

How Midwest’s Managed Services Dust Control Program Works

Winter Operations Part 1: Anti-icing & Deicing Applications

Winter Operations Part 2: Anti-icing & Deicing Chemistry

Fugitive Dust Control Methods

Environmental Stewardship and Your Community

Midwest Industrial Supply Run, Improve, Grow

Innovation in Gravel Runway Surface Management

Untreated vs EnviroKleen® Treated Tank Trail

Mining Dust Control Solutions

Beech 100 Braking on EK35® Helipad Report Runway

Cessna 172 Landing on Fines Preservation Runway – 4 Years Later

Why All Gravel Runways Should Have EK35®