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Midwest Blog

Ohio High Speed Passenger Rail Plan Depends on Columbus for Approval

By Eric Vantiegham | 06/12/2017

Will Columbus residents finally see passenger rail service connect their Midwestern hub to nearby Chicago?


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Transit Agencies Develop Mobile Apps to Improve Passenger Experience, Gather Feedback

By Eric Vantiegham | 05/17/2017

With more and more agencies developing their own apps, it appears that the commuter rail industry has officially entered the age of mobile technology.


Why Cold Weather Wreaks Havoc on Trains

By Eric Vantiegham | 02/09/2016

All the mild weather we’ve experienced early this winter seems to have come to a snowy end — the snow finally came around recently, in a big way. With cold spells and a giant blizzard slamming the East Coast, rail systems faced travel bans, highlighting the issues trains deal with in inclement conditions.