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Everything You Need to Know About How the Power Grid Works

By Lynn Cielec | 10/06/2017

With great power comes great responsibility, and no one understands that better than the people running our nation’s electrical grid. Learn the ins and outs of maintaining our gigantic electric energy infrastructure.


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Power Company Builds Sustainable Road Through Protected Dunes with GreenPave

By Frank Elswick | 03/09/2017

Power lines belonging to a utility provider based in Southern California ran through a protected dune system in Nipomo and Lompoc, and the company needed a stable path to access and clean them. Midwest was able to create an access road that could bear the load of heavy vehicles without impacting the dunes and the wildlife that inhabited them.


These Countries Are at the Forefront of Solar and Wind

By Frank Elswick | 11/09/2016

Which countries are leading the way in the worldwide renewable energy boom?


The Future is Now: 3 Technologies That Are Helping the Coal Industry Get Cleaner

By Dan Carpenter | 05/04/2016

Clean coal technologies (CCTs) are having a measurable impact on the coal industry’s emissions, paving the way for a brighter, cleaner future.


A Canadian Shale Oil Field Might Be the Country’s Biggest Untapped Resource

By Lynn Cielec | 01/22/2016


Canada discovered it’s sitting on a massive oil supply last year. Environmentalists oppose the use of this resource, but are their arguments truly valid?

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