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Americans Across the Political Spectrum Call for Greater Infrastructure Spending

By Frank Elswick | 06/01/2017

These days, Republicans and Democrats don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, but there is one point most Americans seem to agree on: we need to spend more on infrastructure.


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Thanks to New Technology, Mine Safety Improving Across the Country

By Marc Poirier | 11/04/2016

Policy makers have reaffirmed their commitment to the health and safety of mineworkers, and can take advantage of recent technological innovations to help.


How Berkeley County Can Prevent Damage to Their Watershed

By David Justus | 02/05/2015


As detailed in a recent report chronicling the sorry state of Berkeley County’s waterways, the people of West Virginia are learning the hard way about the negative effects of sediment runoff from gravel roads. Let’s take a look at which eco-friendly solutions they might employ to eliminate this problem.


Midwest Announces Managed Service Program to Combat Industrial Dust

By Stephanie Cornell | 11/07/2014


Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has come up with an alternative to poorly executed, spray-and-go dust-control programs. The Managed Service Program provides a comprehensive, site-specific solution to excess dust caused by the frequent use of unpaved roads by major industrial operations.