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3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Gravel Runway's Surface Strength

By John Burnett | 08/15/2017

For many mineral exploration and extraction companies, gravel runways are the arteries that connect mining operations to the outside world and keep the business running. Here’s how fines preservation keeps these runways safe and protects your bottom line.


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Alaska Airlines Remembers 50th Anniversary of First Jet Landing in Sitka

By John Burnett | 06/28/2017

50 years ago, the state of Alaska’s “jet age” was born, and many flocked to witness it — today, a few former Alaska Airlines employees recall this fascinating time in the history of air travel.


How to Maintain Gravel Roads

By Frank Elswick | 06/09/2017

Regularly maintaining gravel roads reduces overall costs and limits the disruptive effects of fugitive dust.


How Much Does Fines Preservation Cost?

By John Burnett | 05/30/2017

We explain the factors that contribute to the total cost of fines preservation, as well as how much it costs to avoid preserving fines.


How to Maintain Gravel Runways with Midwest's Fines Preservation Program

By John Burnett | 04/19/2017

The lifecycle maintenance costs of resurfacing and grading a gravel runway can threaten to break the bank — but fines preservation will double the lifecycle of your runway surface, creating huge long-term cost savings.

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