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How Midwest's Approach to Silica Dust Control Sets the Industry Standard

By Lynn Cielec | 10/19/2017

For over 40 years, Midwest’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has helped it provide companies with affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly dust control solutions.


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GE Plans to Employ 20,000 Women in STEM Roles, Bolstering Gender Diversity in Transportation

By Eric Vantiegham | 10/18/2017

As companies in STEM fields continue to work to close the gender divide, GE is making an ambitious push to bring more women into the fold.


Why Road Maintenance Is Important and How to Get It Done

By Frank Elswick | 10/17/2017

The foundation of proper road care is routine maintenance, which keeps costs low and reduces the need for major rehabilitation projects down the line.


In-Pit Conveyor Systems Bring Huge Cost Savings to Mining Operations

By Jim Silva | 10/13/2017

Conveyor technology promises big savings for mines that would otherwise rely on haul trucks to transport materials — but some are reluctant to adopt it.


A Closer Look at the Chemistries Behind Chemical Dust Control

By Lynn Cielec | 10/11/2017

Not all dust suppressants are the same. Our guide to chemical dust control will help you find exactly the right product to meet your dust control needs.

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