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Marc Poirier

Marc Poirier is Midwest's Engineering Technology Manager for the Mining group. His primary focus is Mining & Industrial Solutions.

Recent Posts

Mining Safety at an All-Time High

By Marc Poirier | 06/21/2017

2016 saw an all-time low in mining incidents, thanks in large part to technology that eliminates respirable dust.


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5 Reclaimed Mine Success Stories

By Marc Poirier | 05/15/2017

There’s no way around it—constructing a mine requires changing the landscape. But continued innovations in the reclamation process are returning sites to pristine conditions.


Canada Reinvests in Iron Ore Mining

By Marc Poirier | 02/17/2017

The government of Québec recently bet big on steel, making a significant investment in TSMC’s iron ore extraction projects.


Why Do We Value Gold So Much?

By Marc Poirier | 11/22/2016

Chemically speaking, gold is a relatively boring element, yet it’s been an economic staple for thousands of years. Why?


Mining Gets a Bad Rep: How the Industry Can Better Promote Sustainability and Responsible Practices

By Marc Poirier | 11/11/2016

The mining industry is finally getting the acknowledgement it deserves, thanks to community outreach and eco-friendly initiatives. Read on to find out how your mining operation can further improve its PR efforts.

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