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John Burnett

John Burnett is the Business Manager for the Midwest's Gravel Runway and Village Roads Group. He is experienced in business development and sales operations and management.

Recent Posts

How to Maintain Gravel Runways with Midwest's Fines Preservation Program

By John Burnett | 04/19/2017

The lifecycle maintenance costs of resurfacing and grading a gravel runway can threaten to break the bank — but fines preservation will double the lifecycle of your runway surface, creating huge long-term cost savings.


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Fines Preservation for Your Gravel Runway: 9 Key Considerations

By John Burnett | 04/03/2017

For airport operators in the most remote corners of the world, keeping your gravel runway up and running at all times is a complex process — and absolutely essential. To help make sure your operation never misses a beat, let’s run through 9 crucial considerations and how fines preservation with Midwest can help.


Summit Air Conducts Gravel Runway Certification Program

By John Burnett | 01/13/2017

Gravel runways ensure safe landings and takeoffs for this air fleet operator in Northern Canada.


How Do the Maintenance Costs of Gravel Runways Compare to Asphalt?

By John Burnett | 08/17/2016

How do the building and maintenance costs of gravel, concrete, and asphalt runways compare to each other? Especially under the unique needs of smaller operations, one method may be far and away the best choice.


Gravel Road Design: Building and Maintenance Techniques that Keep Costs Down

By John Burnett | 08/10/2016

Midwest’s gravel road and runway building solutions lay the foundation for huge savings.

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